The doctors are not obligated to fill all forms brought to them; it is determined on case-by-case basis.

It is the patient’s responsibility to settle invoice(s) in advance for any form(s) that needs to be filled out by the doctor. Please inform the receptionist of any form(s) needing to be filled out prior to seeing the doctor UPON YOUR ARRIVAL.

Not all services are insured by OHIP but many are covered by your employer’s health insurance plan or other 3rd party insurance plans such as but not limited to: Chiropractic, physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine, registered massage therapists, dietitians, cosmetic services and custom orthotics.
All charges for uninsured services must be settled at point of service. Receipts will be provided so that you may submit your claim for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Not all Medical services such as form completion are insured by OHIP. Examples of uninsured services are sick notes, insurance forms, government forms, employment physicals, etc. Patients will be invoiced accordingly for the provision of such services and will be notified of the cost of the service prior to completion/delivery of the service.

Standard Ontario Medical Association rates will be appropriated for such services.

Forms take time to fill and thus reduce the doctors ability to provide care to patients, as such will be attended during non patient care hours. We will always inform patients in advance of such charges. All charges for uninsured services must be settled at point of service.

The clinic is strictly for walk-in patients and is not a family practice office. Therefore, we have the right to defer any medical treatment/prescriptions or completion of medical forms that pertain to ongoing/complicated medical management.

We also do not provide full general physical examinations. Please visit your family doctor for these issues.