Food and Beverages (except water) within the clinic premises are not allowed.

Strollers are not permitted in our office. You must leave your stroller outside of the clinic or in your car. Car seats are allowed into our office.

Audio/ video recording is strictly prohibited.

Our front staff are trained to help patients and we make every effort to make your visit pleasant and comfortable. We are completely supportive of our staff and neither the doctor nor management will tolerate any rude or aggressive behaviour.

We expect that patients will treat all clinic staff with the same consideration and respect as any individual patient would expect to receive.
Your health is as important to us as it is to you. Please remember that the staff and physicians are individuals and are not to be verbally abused for any reason.

If a circumstance arises and it is felt that the patient is being rude, belligerent or exhibits any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards our staff, Physicians or other patients we reserve the right to decline care and advise you to seek care at another medical facility and you will be asked to leave the facility immediately.

• You think you are having a stroke or heart attack
• You have trouble breathing
• You have had a MAJOR injury
• When you get hit in the head and lost consciousness
• You think you are going into labour or have a potentially serious concern about your pregnancy
• When you think you have broken a bone in your body
• You have a SERIOUS allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)
• Major psychiatric illness (feeling suicidal)

• You have an acute infection (ex. bladder infection)
• MINOR cuts or wounds (need a few stitches or tetanus booster)
• You have a MINOR allergic reaction (red, itchy skin)
• You have a MILD asthma attack (increased wheezing)
• You have something in your eye
• Nose bleed
• You need an abscess drained
• You need emergency birth control
• Prescription renewals when you cannot see your own doctor (NO narcotics or other medications requiring close monitoring)
• Sexual health (STI)
• Sprains (ankle sprain)


• For a prescription for narcotics or sleep aids
• New conditions not requiring urgent care
• For follow-up visits (ex. diabetes monitoring, Blood pressure monitoring or follow-up from the hospital)
• Lab results or x-ray results
• Regular check-ups
• Referrals to specialists
• Forms (insurance form)
• NON-URGENT x-rays or ultrasounds
• Prenatal visits
• Mental health