Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telemedicine and Virtual Care?
Telemedicine and Virtual Care is remotely interacting with patients over the phone and or internet during which you communicate with the Doctor at Parkwood Medical Centre at your own comfort to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the Corona virus (COVID 19).

What can be treated by a Doctor?
Many conditions can be treated as outlined above.
If your condition(s) is not mentioned above, please ask your doctor when speaking online.

Had Virtual Care been effective and practical?

We had been able to treat many conditions remotely, helping you during social isolation while keeping you and others safe.

How does Virtual Care work?
A Doctor at Parkwood Medical Centre connects with you remotely, using video or phone, and interact with you just like you would be physically meeting a doctor.

The doctor can examine areas of concern visually through video conferencing, listen to you and ask questions about your symptoms and explain you the diagnosis and the best treatment plan.

How secure is Virtual Care?
Parkwood Medical Centre is committed to the privacy and confidentiality of your health care information and we do our best to keep it secure. However, like other forms of communication, it may be vulnerable to interception by unauthorized parties. Telemedicine is not as secure as physician encounter in the exam room.

How do I get my prescription?
Your prescription will be sent directly to your pharmacy of your choice.

How long are the Wait Times before a Doctor connects with me?
Parkwood Medical centre makes every effort to attend to your needs the soonest. Rest assured we maintain reasonable wait times.

How about any immunizations?
Please speak to the Doctor regarding vaccinations and immunizations.

If your question/ concern is not listed in our FAQs, please ask the Doctor during the Telemedicine encounter.