All patients are expected to follow up on their test results with the ordering physician.

Most test results will arrive at our office in 3-7 business days from the day them being performed.

They will arrive directly to the physician who ordered them.
Therefore, other physicians may not be immediately aware of a patient's test results. If patients are concerned, curious or still having symptoms while waiting for test results, patients are encouraged to come in and speak with the doctor.

Test results will not be communicated over the phone or in-person by our staff.

If you wish to review your laboratory results, you MUST be seen by the doctor. This policy is set for your own protection. If a physician has requested a staff member to contact you in reference to specific test results, the staff member is legally bound only to advise what the doctor has authorized them to communicate.

We do not divulge test results over the phone.

Any Concerning/ abnormal test/ diagnostic results will generate a CALL BACK TO CLINIC protocol and staff will request you to present yourself to the clinic to discuss results.

Normal test results will not generate CALL BACK TO CLINIC protocol and its the patient's responsibility to return to clinic discuss results and address any ongoing symptoms/ concerns.

We encourage patients to follow up on their results and please note that we do not adhere by “No news is good news” philosophy.