In order to serve you better and to respect other patients time as well as per OHIP regulations, we must limit to ONE MOST CONCERNING MEDICAL REASON PER VISIT.

If patients have several concerns, patients will be assisted in selecting one most important medical condition to be addressed on the day of the visit and will be advised to return to discuss other concerns or follow up with their regular healthcare provider regarding remaining issues.

If the doctor feels it is a complex problem, you may be asked to return for another visit with supporting information.

The Length of medical visits can vary due to the complexity of the concern. Please be aware that the wait times at our clinic vary depending on the number of patients ahead of you and their own medical concerns.

We will provide this service in a timely and efficient manner to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, we cannot control the time you may have to wait; please know our goal is to have you seen by the physician as quickly as possible.